Customer Service

Our customers enjoy our excellent customer relations programme

Customer Service

Our customers enjoy our excellent customer relations programme. Dedicated UK customer service clerks, technical enquiry telephone help desk and a 24 hour contact are just some of the support services FUCHS provides for ease of administration.

For the UK operation, all product is manufactured and stored on site, where we have over 5,000 pallet locations and bulk fluid handling capacity. Logistical support is increased through active vehicle tracking and utilisation programmes ensuring that the FUCHS delivery fleet is highly efficient.

Strategic stock storage locations, including IMO tanks, are held and secured at locations across the UK, enabling FUCHS to answer and respond to our customers demands.

Delivery Notification Service

Customers can now receive email alerts or text messages to let them know when their order will be delivered. This service is only for bulk deliveries currently, but we are expecting to roll this service out to packaged goods later in the year. To register, contact your FUCHS account manager or email

Emailed Order Confirmations and Invoices

As part of our commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness, we're offering customers the choice of going paperless. Contact us to find out more.