Lube Cube


Choose the cube to improve your own green credentials and help reduce plastic pollution.

This “bag in box” concept offers a smart, highly eco-friendly alternative to rigid plastic bottles and is easier to store and use. Each FUCHS Lube Cube is constructed from a durable 100% recyclable outer.

Inside is a 98% recyclable plastic inner bag, which after use can be flattened and disposed of in normal licensed recycling waste.

Our industry-leading Lube Cube has been updated with our new labels and colourways, and now features new ‘how to use’ guidelines with clear ‘push through’ markings on the top.

• Easy to stack, reducing the amount of storage space required.
• 4L Lube Cube - 60% cent more units can fit on one regular pallet.
• 20L Lube Cube - 14% more products fitting on a regular pallet
• Vacuum-sealed allowing for a smooth pour without any glug